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CMTC Main Centre

24/4 Lake Terrace,
Kolkata 700029

Admission Forms for the
August 2016 session:

Admissions going on.
Session Starting Shortly

Forms available:
Time: 2.00 pm. – 6.00 pm.
Collect from:

CMTC Main Centre
24/4 Lake Terrace,
Kolkata 700029
Mrs. Sircar
Mob: 9831092597 / 9831613322

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Calcutta Montessori Training Centre

Montessori methodology is a comprehensive educational approach to children based on the observation of their needs and their natural learning tendencies as they unfold with age. The educational approach is through "prepared environments" catering to different age groups. Under a trained Montessori teacher, children cultivate concentration, self-discipline, motivation and a desire to learn.

The period from birth to 6 years of age is the most formative period in an adult. It is during this period that the child absorbs the most from his environment and shows a remarkable ability to learn and assimilate without any conscious effort. A Montessori teacher recognises this and channelizes this period constructively through activities in a specially prepared environment..

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